10 Ways to Save Money While Traveling 

I am a firm believer in the idea that anyone can travel if they make it a priority. People will spend money on what they think is important – whether its a nice dinner out, new clothes, a piece of furniture, or a plane ticket. That being said, I totally get that travel can be super expensive. No one wants to blow their savings on a trip (even if it is a once in a  lifetime opportunity!) Over the years,

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Travel Etiquette Everyone Should Know

While traveling, or using any public transportation for that matter, there are a few unspoken rules that everyone should follow. If you are traveling for the first time, or haven’t traveled in a while, you might not know the etiquette. Taking some time to understand the do’s and dont’s of air travel etiquette can improve your experience and the experience of those around you. From stinky feet to elbows in my ribs,

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Top 10 Must-Have Travel Items

Top 10 Must-HaveTravel Items

Having a few handy items can make a tremendous difference when traveling. Heres a list of the items I never go on a trip without!

Luggage Scale. This little contraption can help save you money by allowing you to weigh your luggage before it hits the scale at the airport. Overweight fees can be astronomical, so its prudent to weigh your bag yourself first. Dont forget to take it with you too, » Read more about: Top 10 Must-Have Travel Items »

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How Far In Advance Should You Book Airfare?

Best Website toFind Cheap Flights (1)

Finding the cheapest airfare is a game of skill. Although there are times when you happen to find an awesome deal, you are more likely to hunt down that perfect flight by using a few strategic methods. Read my post about my favorite ways to find cheap flights here. One of these tactics is knowing when flights are statistically at their lowest price.

According to CheapAir the absolute cheapest day to buy a domestic flight is 54 days before departure.

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How I Got $2300 Flights To Thailand For Free

Best Website toFind Cheap Flights (1)

I’ve talked about my love affair with my Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cards before. Read my blog post here comparing the two cards. Just this week, I was able to book two round trip flights on Emirates airlines from Washington D.C to Bangkok, Thailand for $0. The flights were valued at $2314.92 total. Here’s how I did it:

My husband and I have been dreaming about a trip to Thailand for a few years and we finally decided to make that dream a reality.

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Chase Sapphire Cards Comparison

If you know me, you know that I am completely in love with the Chase Sapphire line of credit cards. Also, credit cards are essential to maintaining a healthy credit score. Read my blog post here about why credit cards are so important.

My husband and I first got the Chase Sapphire Preferred in 2015 and now we have the Chase Sapphire Reserve. By using the very flexible Chase Ultimate Reward points that these cards accumulate,

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How You Can Afford Your Dream Vacation

How You Can AffordYour Dream Vacation

Traveling is part of my soul and has changed my life! I think everyone deserves a great vacation – dare I say, a dream vacation. Here’s a few tips on how I make incredible vacations more affordable.

1) Make a vacation fund that you deposit money into every single month. If you start putting $300 a month into a vacation fund right now, a year from now you will have $3600.

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AirBnB Coupon Code $40 off! 

EDIT: AirBnB has upped my code to give you $40 off! I’m not sure how long this deal will last so jump on it ASAP! 

I absolutely love using AirBnB whenever I travel. It’s so much less expensive than a hotel room and it’s usually nicer too! Plus, since most places are guest houses or apartments, you get to live like the locals do. Nothing beats that.

I have had great experiences whenever I have stayed in an AirBnB and now you can too!

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Best Websites to Find Cheap Flights

Flights are usually one of the largest expenses on any vacation. Because of this, finding a cheap flight can have a huge impact on your vacation budget! Keeping with my motto of never paying full price for anything, here are a few of my favorite sites to check before booking!

If I have very specific flights and dates in mind, my go-to site is Hipmunk. It searches almost every airline which is nice compared to most travel search engines that only look at a select number of airlines.

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