Hey guys!

Thats me over there! And half of my husband's face (lol)

My name is Elaine and I'm a 20-something millennial that somehow figured out all the things that they never taught us in school. I have been able to stay out of debt, purchase my first home at 23, and save a ton for retirement!

I have a passion for personal finance and finding the best deals on everything from groceries to airline tickets. 

For the past few years, friends would often ask for trip planning help and financial advice. Thus, Upscale Cheapskate was born!

I created this website to help you reach your travel, financial, and personal goals.

I decided to bring all my readers along on this blogging journey with me! I publish my income reports and a steps to creating your very own blog, too!

I hope you enjoy all the site and learn how to live the Upscale Cheapskate lifestyle 🙂 




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