Blogging: From Hobby To Full-Time Job

Blogging-Hobby to Full Time Job
Hey guys! Today I have an interview with my blogging friend, Alexis. She is the creator of the super successful blog, FITnancials. She went from blogging just as a hobby, to making a full-time income from blogging! I asked her a few questions about her blog, how she got started, and her transition to full time blogging. She has traveled to 5 continents and lived all over the world, all while living on a strict budget and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Check out her blog FITnancials to find helpful health and travel tips.




What is your blog about? Tell us a little bit about it.
I blog over at FITnancials, a blog that helps people learn about traveling or living abroad, how to eat healthy foods and exercise, and how to live an exciting life all on a strict budget.


When did you start blogging?
I started blogging back in 2012 as a hobby and spent a few hours a month on it. I decided to go full-time in October of 2016 and have been going strong ever since.


What inspired you to start blogging?
My sister blogs over at Making Sense of Cents and she inspired me to start a blog of my own. We were living together at the time, so we talked about blogging often and I learned everything I know from her. We talk daily about blogging and give each other advice and tips. It’s pretty awesome having one of the best personal finance bloggers as a sister!


What is the hardest part about blogging?
Blogging is such a difficult job. Most people think its one of the easiest jobs in the world. I’ve had people ask me if all I do is pump out some blog posts and call it a day. There’s been quite the influx of new bloggers and most of them are struggling to find an income and getting frustrated when it’s not nearly as easy as they thought it would be. I’ve had friends start blogs and after 2 weeks ask me why they haven’t made money yet (ugh).
So, maybe that’s one of the most difficult things – everyone thinking you have the easiest job in the world when it’s been one of the toughest. You have to make yourself stand out among thousands of other popular bloggers, constantly keep up with social media platforms changing, create pillar content, and with the constant algorithm changes to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you have to stand on top somehow.


How long did it take for you to become a full-time blogger after starting FITnancials?
It took a few months of taking it seriously to go full-time. I was working full-time as a nanny for 2 toddlers (so hard!) and I was in college full-time, so I worked on my blog whenever I got the chance. I started making enough on my blog to the point where I knew I could survive as a blogger. I realized how unhappy I was working as a nanny, and realized that life is too short to keep wasting my time working jobs that made me dread waking up every day. I set up a strict budget and made it work, and now I’ve almost tripled my income since then.


What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Making blogger friends from all over the world. I only recently stated networking and meeting people that live the same life as I do. I joined a mastermind and have connected to 2 women that have shared advice and tips that have helped my blog grow stronger. If you’re not in a mastermind already, I highly encourage finding one or starting your own. I’m also going to my first conference this fall (Fincon!) and my sister Michelle will be there as well. It’ll be exciting to see people in person that I’ve been following online.


Any future plans for the blog or your life in general?
I’d like to start producing products for my blog sometime in the future, whether it be ebooks, courses, or something that helps people better themselves and their life. In 10 or so years my boyfriend and I would like to start a sanctuary where we rescue abused or neglected farmed animals (we just went vegan in 2015!). In our spare time, we volunteer at our local animal shelter and a pig rescue.



Whenever I read FITnancials, I feel totally inspired. I’m so happy I got to know Alexis a little bit better!


You can also read about her healthy transformation here!



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