4 Week Minimalist Challenge: Week 2 Update

If you haven’t read my initial post about the minimalist challenge, or my week 1 update, start here.

Why practice minimalism? Not only does buying (and owning) less items save money, but it also rids you of anything not adding value to your life.

The overflowing closets, drawers, and shelves only create more stress and clutter! By having less stuff in your life, you don’t have to clean as much or be constantly overwhelmed with the mess. You can have time and space to pursue what really matters to you and brings you joy. Also, it is much easier to have an organized kitchen or closet when you only have items that you truly need.

I have slowly been working on simplifying my life and the minimalist challenge has been keeping me on track. The first week’s challenge was to clean out all the closets and dressers in the house. My husband and I successfully removed over 350 items from our home! Also, I was able to sell everything we didn’t need on a local yard sale Facebook page. A clean closet and extra spending money? Yes, please!

This past week’s challenge was to purge items from underneath every sink in the house. The mysterious space underneath the sinks can turn into a catch-all dumping ground for all things cleaning and bathroom related. I have 4 bathrooms in my home, plus the kitchen sink, so I was a little bit overwhelmed at the idea of all that organizing! However, once I got started, I was on a roll and finished pretty quickly.

A few things I noticed while sitting cross-legged on all the bathroom floors in my home:

  • Man, I really need to clean my baseboards!
  • My husband has been hoarding at least 1 million travel sized toiletries
  • I have been hoarding at least 1 million different shades of pink nail polish
  • I said, “Oh, I have been looking for that!” quite a few times

But seriously, unless I really had been furiously looking for that item, I threw it away. The rule of thumb I follow is that if I haven’t used it in 3 months, I don’t need it anymore. If 3 months is too aggressive for you, try using a 6 month rule instead. Whenever I find myself having difficulty getting rid of something, I simply look at the item and ask myself, “Did this item bring value to my life within the last 3 months?” If the answer is no, it gets disposed of. Surprisingly, once you get in the minimalist mindset, it is pretty easy to get rid of things!

The idea behind this challenge is that by doing a little bit of organizing every week, you wont even realize the amount of work you are doing! I get overwhelmed thinking about cleaning out the entire house, but one or two hours a week is much more manageable.

If you are just now joining the minimalist challenge – jump right in! Let me know how its going for you!

Check back here in a week to see how week 3 went!



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