4 Week Minimalist Challenge – Week 1 Update

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If you haven’t read my first post about the minimalist challenge – read it here before going any further! After that, come back here to read my week 1 update!

I decided to start this minimalist challenge because I want to apply some of the minimalist principles to my life. We all really have way too much crap in our lives. Slowly starting to remove some of it creates a sense of calm and freedom. By practicing minimalism, we can focus on the things that we truly need to live a happy life, and get rid of the things that distract from that.

I completed Week 1 of the minimalist challenge and it was surprisingly super easy and fun! Week 1 involved cleaning out all your shoes and clothes. My husband and I each have our own dresser and our own closet. Mine is a pretty big walk-in closet so I was pretty intimidated at the thought of going through it all. However, it really took less than an hour for both of us to go through everything and pull out all the clothes and shoes we never wear anymore. Together, we purged over 350 items of clothing and shoes.

350 ITEMS! 350 items that were not providing any positive value in my life. 350 items taking up space and cluttering my home and life.

My dresser actually has empty drawers in it now. My closet has empty hangars and tons of space!

I’m freeeeee!

But no really, the feeling of having our closets and dressers cleaned out is so amazing. We feel a little bit lighter. I could get used to this minimalist thing!

My husband actually got rid of all his old college t-shirts that were taking up tons of space. I got rid of all the jeans that I finally accepted I wont fit into again (sadly).

I wont lie, some items were a little difficult to part with. I still really liked a lot of the clothes and shoes I had – I just never wore them enough to justify keeping them. I think we all have our “favorites” when it comes to our clothes. We continuously return to the same “favorites” when picking out what we will wear. I realized, because I always wear my favorite 10 outfits, I had tons of stuff that could be removed.

Another plus side to cleaning out our closets – I sold 5 bags of clothes on a local yard sale Facebook group. I have a cleaner, more organized, less wasteful closet AND I made money off it!

Week 1 was a complete success for us! If you participated, let me know how it went for you. If you are just joining in on the fun, jump on in and start now!

I will post again in a week to let you know how week 2 went! Good luck!

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