Join Me! 4 Week Minimalist Challenge (8)

I’ve been reading a lot about minimalism lately and I’m super intrigued by it. Minimalists believe that by owning less physical items, you will be able to pursue a life that is more free and happy. Some people sell their homes, cars, and almost all their possessions in the hopes of living a more carefree life. I don’t think I will be selling my home or car anytime soon, but I want to apply some of the minimalist principles to my life.

Our society is consumer centered. Our brains are constantly berated with advertisements and media encouraging us to buy more. Get that bigger house – even if you really only need 2 bedrooms. Get that nicer car – because you deserve an upgrade. You already have a handful of spring dresses, but Target is having a sale and you need more!

Slowly, our closets and drawers start filling up. Our credit cards max out and our bank accounts suffer. Our houses are bursting at the seams with items that we really don’t need.

Think about all the items that are truly essential to live an enjoyable life. I bet much of what you own does not fall into that category.

It’s true – owning less is freeing. You can spend less money and you don’t need to¬†maintain things constantly. You aren’t tied down by your possessions. You will consume less. It becomes much easier to have a clean and tidy home when you aren’t constantly shuffling items around and stuffing them into drawers.

Do you ever find yourself wondering where the heck all the crap in your house came from? I know I do!

I am starting a 4 week minimalist challenge and I invite you to join me!

The rules are simple, each week I will go through a different category of possessions. Anything I havent used in a few months will get sold or donated. If an item is not bringing anything positive to my life, it is going bye-bye! Hopefully by the end, I will have a heck of a lot less stuff!

Here is the schedule: 

A week from today, I will post a detailed update on how week 1 went for me!

Good luck!


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