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Hey guys! I’m going to start doing some more money-making post on the blog. Having a little side hustle or extra cash is never a bad thing! As I try out and find new ways to make money on the side, I will share with all my readers!

That being said, let me tell you about my new favorite FREE money making app! It’s called Ibotta and this thing is a gem. I think I’m kinda behind the times because I just now discovered it – this app has been around for a while.

I am not really a coupon clipper but this app is just so incredibly easy to use that I would be doing my wallet a disservice if I didn’t use it. Before going to the store, do a quick comparison of your shopping list with the cash back deals on the app. If any items match, unlock the deal, purchase your item, then scan your receipt on the app. Be careful not to just buy things because they are on Ibotta – you will end up spending more in the long run.

Download the app today then make your first purchase and you will get $10 cash back! It’s that easy. Ibotta will deposit straight into your PayPal account or your Venmo account.

Here’s what the app looks like:

There are tons of participating stores with hundreds of items – including alcohol. $3 cash back on a bottle of wine? Yes, please!

They also have deals that are “$1 cash back on any purchase” – you literally get $1 for no reason!

Right now, there is a $4 cash back on Halo Top at Walmart! Go grab one and scan your receipt with the app – BOOM you just made $14 today! Plus, you get to try this delicious new treat that has been taking the ice cream world by storm.

When you download the app please use my referral code or one of the links in this post so I can get a little extra cash, too!

Referral Code: lsqhbsy

Would you like to see more posts about ways to make extra money? Let me know!

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