Read This Before Putting Mulch In Your Yard!

Read This Before PuttingMulch In Your Yard!

Hey guys! I have another product review for ya! This is a review of Rubberific Rubberized mulch.

Last year, my husband and I wanted to spruce up our yard and garden a little bit. Obviously, part of that included putting new mulch in all the flower beds. I did some research and came across this product. I absolutely fell in love with it!

It is called Rubberific Rubberized Mulch and it comes in a few different colors. What this means is that its actually made from 100% recycled rubber. The best part about this product is that is lasts at least 12 years guaranteed. We put it on our mulch beds last spring and a year later, it still looks brand new. Yes, this product is more expensive than regular mulch – but I dont have to mulch again for 12 YEARS PEOPLE!

Heres an actual picture of my flower beds (or crab beds) with the rubber mulch on them. Looks pretty good, right?


Some other pros to this product include:
– wont attract insects such as carpenter ants and termites
– holds moisture in better for plants
– will not fade or rot
– prevents weeds
– looks just like regular mulch
– no rubber smell

We have had this product for a year and it looks amazing. I highly recommend it!

Now Im asking – why are you still using old fashioned mulch?

Check it out here. Amazon offers free delivery but it should be available at your local hardware/gardening store.

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