10 Gifts Graduates Actually Want

Spring is officially here and that means tons of graduation parties will be filling up your schedule in the near future. When thinking of what to get the graduate in your life, pass on the cheesy graduation mugs and other memorabilia. This year, opt for something they will truly enjoy!

Heres a list of 10 gift ideas that graduates actually want!

1) Booze. You cant go wrong with an alcohol themed gift! Now that they are entering the real world, they will understand the need for wine on a Monday night. Chances are, they don’t even really have their own set of nice wine glasses, bottle stoppers, or beer glasses.

Super chic wine glasses here
Fun bottle stoppers here
Beer glasses here

2) Luggage. Now that the graduate in your life is becoming an adult, they need to ditch the old high school weekender bag they have been using for the past 5 years whenever they travel somewhere. Pick up a nice rolling carry-on luggage and they will be traveling in style thanks to you!

Carry-on luggage for him here
Carry-on luggage for her here

3) Fitbit. Leaving college also means leaving the free gym located on most campuses. A Fitbit is a fun way to help them stay on top of their health game.

One of the best selling FitBit models here

4) GoPro. Many graduates will be doing some traveling after school. If you are okay with spending a little bit more on a gift, a GoPro is an excellent idea! They will be able to capture all their memories with this cool little gadget.

Two different GoPro models depending on your budget here and here

5) Laptop bag or briefcase. The dingy book bag isn’t going to cut it out there in the professional world. Gifting your graduate with a nice laptop bag or briefcase can help them look the part for their first day on the job!

Trendy unisex bag here

6) A subscription box. Let’s face it, there really isn’t too much extra spending money to go around during the first year after graduation. They most likely will have to stop buying things for themselves because they now have bills to pay! A subscription box can be something that gives them a nice little surprise every month including little luxuries they might not be able to afford anymore. One of the meal subscription services would be even better!

Check out Birchbox here
BlueApron here

7) A nice watch. Few things look more professional than a nice wrist watch. No need to go all “Michael Kors” on ’em, but a sleek, simple watch will get the job done.

Watch for her here
Watch for him here

8) Coffee maker. No more meal plans or on-campus coffee anymore in the real world! Dear Graduate, its time to make your own coffee in the mornings!

Hook them up with a Keurig here

9) Books. A few funny, but useful, books are a great idea. Throw in a cookbook so that they can actually learn how to make a meal, too!

Cute and useful graduate book here
Best selling cookbook here

10) Amazon prime or their own Netflix account. The graduate in your life has most likely been mooching off their roommate’s mom’s Netflix account for a few years now. Gifting them with a year subscription is an excellent gift idea!

Amazon Prime here
Netflix here


Do you have any great gift ideas for graduates this Spring? Leave me some suggestions in the comments!

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